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Link hub of a writer with way too much time on his hands and way too many opinions that get him in way too much trouble.

Here you can find all my links to all of my projects and "sides", be they official or for fun!

The Left Side


It all started with fanfiction for me. I owe it a great lot to propel me into the world of a writer. Though I don't write it as often as I used to, I plan to change that as of 2022!

The Right Side

Original work

I only started taking writing my own writing seriously in 2017, but I enjoy it! As of 2021, I have eight stories under my belt and I can't wait to explore more of what I can do!

A Dark Side

The Sinful Drug

❝My stories are in worlds. These worlds have illicit, shocking, and unforgivable things happen in them just as they do in ours. That is brutal realism, no matter the genre of written work.❞

Unfiltered opinions

True opinions are hard to find nowadays. I don't take mine back. They change with me as I grow, and I learn from mistakes.

The real me

I spent my adolescent life stifled. Because of this, being authentic is something I strive for. You won't find bullshit here.

The truth comes out

I use the internet to voice my real opinions. They may annoy and anger people, but I feel the truth must come out.

Home of the Diverse

A grand idea for the future of the alt world, from those of the fetish scene to the nerdiest nerds, with a strong emphasis on healthy living and mature open-mindedness.

Hopes for DV

A project that began from a 13-year-old's mind...

  1. To be a safe space for those of mature minds, alternative lifestyles, and those who healthily and safely defy the societal norms.

  1. To be the ultimate alternative collaborative society spanning across the globe, expanding and joining with minds regardless of origin.

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